Rules & Regulations

These rules and regulations have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the North Liberty Community Building Association Incorporated.

These rules and regulations apply to ALL who use the Community Center.

  1. No nails, tape, pin thumb tacks, or staples are to be used for any reason in the building.

  2. All trash, including kitchen and restrooms, must be placed in the dumpster outside of the Southwest door of the Large Hall or kitchen door.

  3. Any trash accumulated from your party in the parking lot must be cleaned up and placed in the dumpster.

  4. Nothing is to be hung from the light fixtures.

  5. Anyone ordering items to be delivered to the Community Center must make arrangements for the building to be open.

  6. All damages to the premises or property of the Community Center must be reported to the Community Building Association Incorporated.

  7. If alcohol is to be served, you must fill out the appropriate paperwork and hire uniformed security with arresting powers. Directions for acquiring a temporary beer and wine license are included with this printed out version of this sheet. Other types of alcohol will require a caterer with a liquor license. (call Police Dept. if Officers are needed at 574.656.4411)

  8. The kitchen is not to be used as a cooking facility.

  9. When you take possession of the hall, if you notice anything in the building that is in need of repair, call Vicki or Laura at 574.656.4447 right away or we will assume everything is okay. if the committee finds anything broken after your event, then it will be deducted from your deposit.  


  1. All tables will be cleaned and properly placed on racks in an orderly manner. If tables are not stored properly, you will lose part or all of your deposit.

  2. Chairs must be properly placed in the chair rack(s). If chairs are not stored properly, you will lose part or all of your deposit.

  3. All racks are to be placed in the storeroom along the south wall.

  4. Nothing is to be hung on or around  the sound panels.

  5. Large Hall capacity is limited up to 300 people.


  1. Tables and chairs are not to be removed from or added to the Conference Room.

  2. Tables are to be left as found, or otherwise instructed.

  3. Chairs are to be left as found, or otherwise instructed.

  4. Small Hall capacity is limited up to 50 people.

  5. If the chairs or tables are removed from the Conference Room, you will lose part or all of your deposit. 


Rules & Regulations (Serving Alcohol)


If alcohol is being served at your event, you must provide security. For security officers, call the North Liberty Police Department at 574.656.4411, or a uniformed security officer with arresting powers can be used. Security officers must not be participants at the event. You will have to contact individuals for arrangements and fees. Security and bartenders prefer cash.


A License is required to serve alcohol at your event. The license needs to be acquired at least one month prior to the event. to obtain a license you can contact Stella's Crumstown Tavern. Contact Marcia Rathwick at 574.237.9142. The fee for the license is $75.00. The following information is required by Stella's Crumstown Tavern:

  • ​Bartender's Name

  • Bartender's Phone Number

  • Bartender's Permit Number

  • Event Date

  • Event Time (from start to end)

  • Event Descriptions (reception, graduation, anniversary, etc.)

  • IF wedding reception, need full name of Bride and Groom

  • Security Officer's Name


A licensed bartender is required when serving alcoholic beverages at the North Liberty Community Building. The following are licensed bartenders available to work at the North Liberty Community Building for your function. You will have to contact the individuals for arrangements and fees.

  • ​Becky Heckaman: 574.220.9142

  • Amy Wimberly: 574.250.1722

  • Tiffany Schieber: 574.250.9786

  • Stella's Crumstown Tavern: 574.237.9142

  • North Liberty Community Center
  • North Liberty Community Center